If you want to make a donation to the 5U5R DXpedition you can use the following paypal button.
Thank you for your cooperation.

(Please include your callsign and name in the section "Add special instructions" of the paypal website, if you want to appear in the donors list.)
Special thanks for the donations received to:
  • W5IZ Charles A Baker
  • EA5RD Francisco Sanchez Arnedo
  • N7NR H Heumann
  • HK4JCC Juan carlos Chaves Palacio
  • JA9MWC Kamiya Kazuhiro
  • W6SZN Kip Edwards
  • EA5KY Luis del Castillo Espí
  • K9AW Gary Dein
  • EA4TD Oscar del Nogal Martin
  • SM5AQD Hakan Eriksson

  • JA5EXW Tsutomu 'Ben' Saiki
  • EB3CW Axel Serena Lobo
  • EA5BZ Ruben Navarro Huedo
  • PA7F Frank E. Van Dijk
  • N6VNO Clay W Corvin

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