05/03/2006 - The web site of SŲ1R - Western Sahara 2006 Dxpedition is open. Thanks guys and see you in the pile-up.

  13/03/2006 - We added two surveys at HOME to know in which band and mode is most wanted the Western Sahara.

  15/03/2006 - Finally we decided to change our QTH in Western Sahara from Bir Lehlu to Tifariti because in Tifariti we have more electrical power available and the place is well know by two of our members.

  01/04/2006 - We have now a new pilot specially for Japan stations. Thanks for the help to JH2UVL Hitoshi.

  11/04/2006 - We arrived to Tifariti. We are on the air!.

  12/04/2006 - Good Morning ! After a long and tired trip, today we will build the complete station. We have begun the activity in 14.008 CW and later we have mounted the station for 40 meters SSB . At the moment the antennas for bands 10-15-20 and 12-17 are not installed totally.

They had a problem with the MA5B but they hope to be able to repair it. The antenna spiderbeam is mounted in the ground and possibly during today it can be installed. The amplifiers have not been installed by energy problems, but they have located a generator of 4 KW in the zone and hope to be able to reach an agreement to use it.

  13/04/2006 - Yesterday they had a tornado or sand storm and is broken the Spider Beam and the dipole of 30 M, which tried to repair to have them a full as soon as possible.

Also they finished the installation of the antenna of 160M and the last night they have done the first 141 QSOs in 160 M with only 100 W of power.

At the moment already they have exceeded the barrier of the 8000 QSOs, of which 700 QSOs have been made in RTTY in 15 and 20 meters.

Today Thursday we hope to have the LOG online.

  15/04/2006 - All of them are well. Only today will be transmiting of 15:00 to 15:00 hour EA on 21.195/21.200 for EC stations.

It has not been possible to upload nothing to internet because they have not given permission, they will upload the logs once arrived at home (Tuesday Wednesday ).

They have tried repeated times to make many JAs but it is not possible, the conditions for the Paciifc are very bad and they have much noise. They will try again in the next japanese draw on 40 and 80 meters.

Tomorrow makes QRT at 12 UTC and they will arrive at Alicante airpport at 4 or 6 in the morning.

16/04/2006 - At 10:01 we was QRT finally with 28.743 QSOs.

18/04/2006 - We arrived to Alicante.

19/04/2006 - We upload some photos of S01R. Very soon we will add some videos.

19/04/2006 - We add the final log with 28.742 QSOs online.

19/04/2006 - We add the QSOs statistics.

20/04/2006 - We update the Sponsors and helpers page.

21/04/2006 - We upload some short videos of SŲ1R during our travel, installation and operation...

24/05/2006 - The ARRL DXCC Desk has this operation for DXCC credit.

/07/2006 - S01R Qsl will be ready around July 15th so direct confirmations will start very soon.