August 26th

Qsl cards arrived from printer in Bulgaria past July 21th .
Just today last batch of direct QSL was mailed so all QSL received up to today with SAE and enough postage has been answered.

June 12th

Updated QSL instructions for major E4X sponsors and donors .

June 11th

E4X , Palestine 2010 Operation , has been approved for DXCC credit.

June 6th 2010

Last night 20 meters were open all night and a lot of West Coast stations went into the log.
Now we are running JA on 6 meters on our real first good opening to JA on 6.
Finally 80 meters antenna will be not torn down today so last QSO will be done tonight.
Tomorrow, Monday June 7th, E4X will do QRT at 05:00 UTC. E4X team hopes that you
enjoyed our operation as much as we did from here.
From Bethlehem , THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY !!!

June 5th 2010

Tonight we'll be on 80 and 160 meters doing QSY from one band to the other one.
These will be our last QSO on this two bands , tomorrow morning both antennas will be down.

In the name of entire E4X crew , I want to thanks to EU stations their cooperation
while we are working outside EU stations.
Antonio Gonzalez EA5RM

June 3th 2010

Last night strong winds destroyed our Spiderbeam antenna in the middle of a opening to NA. Fortunately we were able to repair it this morning. Also we have a problem with the 6 meters amplifier but now it seems that it's working.
Still we have four sunrises before to leave. Best times to West Coast are between 03:00 and 05:30 UTC.
June 4th : RTTY during this time frame .
June 5th : CW during this time frame .
June 6th : SSB during this time frame .
June 7th : CW during this time frame.
US General Class: Listen to SSB operator , he'll indicate from time to time to split up 14245 .
South America and Africa , Saturday 5th we'll turn the SSB and CW antennas towards your direction around 18:00 UTC.

To EU Stations :

The window to work North America from here is very short so , please , EU stand by when we are calling to NA.
We expect EU stations will help us.
There will be no answer to any european station while we are calling to North America or Outside EU.

May 31th 2010

SSB audio is fixed. Thank you to all who sent his report.
This morning we were on 20 CW between 03:00 and 05:00 UTC using a 3 elements beam and 1 kilowatt. West Coast signals were extremely weak. Tomorrow we'll be again trying to work West Coast.
Someone was using our callsing today between 00:00 and 01:30 UTC on 14.195 . He was a pirate , our 20 meters station was QRT.

May 30th 2010

Yesterday we had two openings to NA on 20 meters between 19:00 and 23:45 UTC.
Today we'll try again on 20 meters to work NA at the same time.

May 29th 2010

We repaired Spiderbeam this morning and we finished with the antenna setup.

May 28th 2010

We finished today high bands antennas installation
Unfortunately high winds had broken Spider Beam. Tomorrow we will check if
we can repair it if winds stop.

May 27th 2010

We arrived to Tel Aviv in the afternoon. Our friends 4Z5LA and 4X6HP were waiting us at Ben Gurion airport . All our equipment arrived with any problem.
We arrived to Bethlehem during sunset. We have a strong wind.
Just we are on the air on 30 meters CW and we'll be here untill the band will be closed.
We have two 5 bands hf beams assembled on the floor waiting to be raised tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow afternoon we expect to be on the air with 3 HF beams, 30 meters vertical and 6 meters yagui. If we have time we'll install 40 meters vertical if not, we'll do during Saturday morning. 80 and 160 meters antennas will be the last and maybe work will do during Sunday.

Oct 26th 2009

Today , after a long trip , a hard work and thanks to the support of my team , I picked up E4X license from Ministry of Telecom in Ramallah , Palestine. I want to thanks to the Palestinian National Authority officials their cooperation.
Antonio Gonzalez EA5RM