Who are the team members?

Members of "Tifariti Gang" will be active in the CQ WW 2015 contest using the callsign C37N. The operational site will be located in Naturlandia the Thematic Pyrenee mountains Ecologic Park.

What is Naturlandia?

The URA official station C37N is located on the base camp of Naturlandina Eco-Park, so that the call sign suffix Naturlandia. Acutally the Sant Julia de Loira village council and Naturlandia Eco-Park are the main URA official sponsors and as result of that we can take part in different activities within an amazing Nature framework and under optimal conditions for ham Radio.

Who are operators?

  • EA5RM Antonio Gonzalez (Team Leader)
  • C31US Joan SaurĂ­
  • C31KC Belisario Ojea
  • C31MO Michel de Diego
  • C31VM Martinho Vieira
  • C32JK Xavi Garcia
  • EA1SA Alberto Cruz
  • EA2RY Roberto Filloy
  • EA3HCJ Gerardo Otero
  • EA7AJR Manuel German
  • EA7ATX Paco Lara
  • EA7JHQ Arturo rivera
  • EC7ZK Tony Rueda
  • F4BKV Vincent Colombo
  • F6FYD Yannick Delatouche
  • F9IE Bernard Chereau
  • IK5RUN Simone Sarti
  • IN3ZNR Fabrizio Vedovelli
  • UT7CR Valery A. Mostovenko

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