5J0R San Andres DXpedition 2013

We'll be active from 6 to 160 meters (include Warc bands) in CW, SSB and RTTY with
at least 4 stations at the same time in different bands and modes.


TX / RX Antennas Amplifiers Others
3 x ICOM IC-7000 1 x BBHex-Beam 2 x SPE Expert 1K-FA Pass Band Filters
2 x Elecraft K3 1 x Hex-Beam 2 x ACOM 1010 5 Laptops PC
  Vertical for 30m   2 x aluminium mast
  Vertical for 40m   Win-Test Software
  Vertical for 80m    
  Sloping Dipole for 160m    
  28 ft boom Yagi for 50Mhz    


  This might change depending on the local QRM.  
6M [TIPS] 50.103 50.103  
10M 28.024 28.495 28.080
12M 24.894 24.945 24.921
15M 21.024 21.295 21.080
17M 18.074 18.145 18.100
20M 14.024 14.195 14.080
30M 10.104   10.140
40M 7.004 7.065 / 7.160 7.040
80M 3.524 3.780  
160M 1.824 1.845  

50 MHz information and operating tips

  • We'll be emphasizing our operation on this band, it will be a new one for many 6 m operators.
  • We will be QRV 6m when the band is open.
  • Frequency is 50.103 for both cw/ssb, although it may be changed, depending on local noise/birdies. Split operation will be deployed when needed.
  • Main mode is CW. If band conditions permit, SSB mode will be used to gain a higher QSO rate. Please do not ask for mode changing.
  • Please avoid QSO duplication, give others a chance. Logs will be uploaded twice a day to our site.
  • Long haul contacts are rare and last for a short period. If multi-hop event happens the operator will give it special attention.
  • Grid locator is: EK92DM. Please, DO NOT send your locator, it is not needed and we won't log it anyway, it wastes precious time.
  • Whenever it's possible, and while the band remains closed, the station will be beaconing on the same frequency. If you hear it, feel free to send a text (SMS) saying your grid locator and report only. Tlfn: +XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • QSL is via EA5RM