D.P.R.K. Project - Press Release I

During June 2013, Manuel German, EA7AJR, and me had our first meeting with a D.P.R.K. Government official. After our meeting, we gave him a Ham Radio project for D.P.R.K.
One year later, April 2014, we had our second meeting and we gave him a new project.
On April 2015, we had our third meeting and a new project was sent to Pyongyang. Just few days later after our project was received at the Ministry, the D.P.R.K. Government sent us an official invitation to visit the country looking to discuss our project details in person.


Today, August 17th, 2015, we had a meeting with high level officials from Telecom Ministry. They were very kind, receptive and cooperative. They knew everything about Ham Radio so it was really easy to talk with them about our Ham Radio operation project.
If everything goes as it is going up today, I can tell that we are very close to get permission to realice the first legal Ham Radio operation from D.P.R.K.

So let´s keep our fingers crossed because we are also in front of a real and historical possibility to an openning to future Ham Radio operations from this nice country.

Pyongyang August 17th, 2015
Antonio González EA5RM

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D.P.R.K. Project - Press Release II

Mr. Kim Hyok Chol , Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Madrid.

Madrid November 7th, 2015
Antonio González EA5RM